SND40 + NS9-EC5x30NT10-100-S


SND40 – New Sensor NS9-EC5x30NT10-100-S

The Weld Seam Detection System SND40 has got a new sensor: NS9-EC5x30NT10-100-S.

This sensor is designed for the weld seam detection at tubes with very small diameters from 6.5 mm to 10 mm.
Additionally it is suited for very short tubes starting from 40 mm length.

Application areas:
Weld Seam Detection in tube processing lines of
hydraulic pipes, fuel pipes, gas pipes, support frames etc.

Automotive Suppliers, Home Appliances, Kitchen
Appliances, Air condition Appliances

- The new sensor can be used for very small pipes
- Detection of invisible seams
- Detection of coated pipes
- For all types of metal
- Very high detection reliability


 New Sensor NS9-EC5x30NT10-100



Press-release August 2015

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