Roland systems ensure primarily reliable production processes. They prevent damages to tools and dies as well as production equipment, they avoid the manufacturing of defective finished semi-finished products through the use of nondestructive testing and measurement methods. These are primarily:

  • Double sheet detection systems prevent damages to tools dies and stamping presses by inadvertently feeding two or more blanks into machines
  • Weld seam detection and positioning systems for tubes that provide repeatable bending geometries necessary for subsequent production steps.
  • Nondestructive testing methods that avoid the production of defective steel belted radial tires just as the continued processing of defective wires and cables.
  • Continuous sheet thickness measurement ensures the use of the correct materials to be processed
  • Monitoring of pharmaceutical blister strips in the cartoner prevents overfilling or under filling of tablet packages in the cartoner.
  • Dual layer detection system for crystalline solar wafers.