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| Steel Cord Inspection | Eddy Current Testing Systems | Weld Seam Geometry Inspection |

In continuous production processes it is necessary to detect defects and quality issues immediately when they occur in the production process in order to initiate corrective actions as early as possible.

Roland Electronic has developed testing systems for this these tasks based on the eddy current principle as well as magnetic inductive sensors.

The eddy current testing systems are being used to detect defects in metallic semi-finished products such as wires, rods, cables, tubes and coils. Magnetic inductive systems have been especially developed for steel cord inspection in the steel belted radial tire industry to detect so-called spacing faults during the cutting and splicing operation of the web material.

We provide optical techniques for the inspection of Weld Seam Geometry Inspection, Pore Inspection, Crater and Crack Testing on automotive parts or at measuring machines for serial production parts.

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